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Welcome to Mataji Hindu Temple, Elgin, IL.


Swamiji founded this Chicago area Brahma Premananda Ashram - & Mataji hindu temple in April 2009 to get involved in religious, cultural, educational, social and charitable activities to meet spiritual needs of the community. Activity of the ashram & temple is non-political and aim to promote understanding, practices and way of life of the Hindu religion while exploring all world religions and its contribution to betterment of human kind. Through this ashram & temple, Swamiji also intend to foster unity, friendship, and goodwill among people and assist other non-profit charitable organizations engaged in the activities for welfare of mankind irrespective of race, caste, community, religion, and national origin. With this in mind, he named the organization as Brahma Premananda Ashram & Temple.


The name Brahma Prem Ananda is the combination of Brahma (i.e. God) + Prem (i.e. Love) + Ananda (i.e. Happiness).

Bliss is waiting within...Meditate

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Hindu Temple Elgin Illinois

Brahma Premananda Ashram - Mataji Temple

Hindu Temple Elgin Illinois
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